My long break up

sugar-6-1466970I can’t believe it has come to this. By now, I have scoured the internet and read just about every article, blog and forum discussion on the subject of sugar. I know all about the ills of sugar, impact on weight, how it attributes to diabetes, obesity and is a factor in heart disease. I am still searching for that one article that explains how all the other billion articles and research are really myths and sugar is actually my friend. I know that article exists somewhere on the world wide web. Until then I guess I just have to go with the research from the CDC, WHO and other top medical experts that insist sugar is basically a killer. Even as I type,  this is becoming so painful with each stroke of the keyboard. I am in love with sugar. What I really mean to say is that I am in love with soda.

Oh how I love you, but I know you mean me no good. I know you lead me on, with your sweet smell, taste, and pretty packaging. After all, red is my favorite color and that font is so pretty. Remember the time you had a signature bottle with my name spelled out right on the side? Oh, I know you mean me no good. You and I have been together for quite some time, I mean we go wayyyyyy back. Okay, some of my first and fondest memories of you are from childhood. Remember when my daddy would give me a dollar to buy a snack after school and I just couldn’t wait to pick you up in that 12-ounce glass bottle with the curved glass and your name spelled in raised letters on the side? Those were the days. I had no idea we would be together this long and all the problems you would cause over the years. I have tried my best to break it off with you many times and somehow you manage to weasel your way back into my life. I remember that time I was “watching my coke-1325218weight” and I would only have a soda once per week. Then a few years later I was pregnant and knew I didn’t need to drink caffeine so I stopped seeing you for 9 months. What about the time I got braces and knew it was pointless to spend tons of money for straightening my teeth just to let them rot by drinking soda so I quit you again. Then there was that time I swore I was done with soda and just quit cold turkey for one month. Again, you somehow manage to weasel your way back into my life. Damn you soda!!!

So here we go again, right back where we started, I am officially quitting you again. I know it won’t be easy and now realize it will be a process.  I know I can’t expect to quit you cold turkey and I know I may even have setbacks, but I am quitting you slowly but surely. Are you having difficulty breaking up with something? If so, let’s chat.




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  1. My consistent struggle is to give up soda and other sugary drinks like sweet tea! What strategies worked for you to break up with sodas?

    1. I initially monitored my daily use for a few days. Once I was clear about my patterns of use I decided to reduced the frequency. For example, I was initially drinking soda with every meal. I decided to no longer have it with breakfast. Once I felt successful with that I went to reducing the amount of soda with lunch and dinner and so on. Basically instead of focusing on stopping cold turkey you may be more successful by just focusing on one thing at a time. Once you have success with that then focus on something else. Break it into small steps. For me I know realize I can have a soda if I want or simply leave it. We are no longer in a relationship. Feels great. Good luck to you!

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