Services and Rates


Counseling is provided by a licensed professional. They provide treatment to clients regarding mental and behavioral challenges through the use of therapeutic approaches and techniques. A team approach is used that allows the counselor an opportunity to assist clients. Clients and counselors work together to develop treatment plans, goals and ways to reach a resolution to problems. Often times as a result of unresolved problems, other areas of clients’ lives are negatively impacted as they face struggles with emotion regulations or substance use. In the counseling setting, tools are acquired to improve communication, coping skills and manage symptoms in an effort to maintain optimal mental health. Counseling services offered include:

Walk and talk therapy

Contact me for rates. Services are offered virtually to residents of NC and in person locally.

Online Health Coaching

As a Certified Health Coach I realize this service is may not be appropriate for everyone and there is no one size fits all approach to healthy living. However, there are times when working to build consistency with health goals is the best approach. Health coaching is different than counseling in a few ways including, no medical or mental health diagnosis is given. Health coaches do not create diet or nutrition plans. They do not provider personal training or teach fitness classes. Health coaches Do provide support and guidance to help carryout the client’s plan devised by their medical provider, personal trainer, and/or nutritionist or dietician. Many people have the plan but just have difficulty with a following through or staying motivated. The health coach will hold them accountable, check in and help process what’s holding them back and figure out how to move forward.  I will be your personal guide and sounding board when it seems as though the thought of making a lifestyle change is simply not possible due to work, family, commitments and other challenges.  Realizing that making the decision to change your lifestyle is a process and does not occur overnight, my packages reflect that commitment.  So if you are ready to Think Fit, Talk Fit and Be Fit I encourage you to contact me to get started. Health coaching services are offered virtually.

3 month Package
Initial consult
12 sessions/4 per month
Unlimited Email support
Resources and tools personally selected for your needsfitness-1730325_640

6 month package
Initial consult
24 sessions/4 per month
Unlimited Email support
Resources and tools personally selected for your needs

Maintenance (available for purchase after initial package)
Month to Month plan
2-30 minute sessions per month

* All sessions are held via phone or online unless otherwise indicated by the health coach.