7 Great ways to stay fit after the gym



Ok, you had a great gym workout, way to go! It’s pretty easy to stay on task when following the lead of the fitness instructor or moving between weight machines and cardio equipment. What happens once you are back at home to fend for yourself? The hours that span between each gym visit can feel like a lifetime when faced with endless food choices, work and home stressors and self-defeating thoughts. Here are  7 tips to help ensure success.

  1. Take a moment– Stop and think about food purchases when dining out. Consider choosing the lighter fare if you will be dining out Grille items over fried. Remember, many restaurants often sauté in heavy butter. Don’t be afraid to ask for sauces on the side and hold the cheese.
  2. Plan ahead– Before leaving home for the party or after work social event consider your calorie intake. Remember, consuming your calories in liquids can impact your goals. It is possible to consume your daily recommended calorie intake via fruity cocktails, wine and beer. Let’s not forget the mindless snacking that can often accompany a couple of cocktails. Did you know that one 5oz drink of wine has _123_ calories?
  3. Grocery shopping– Remember to always make a list. Spend most of your time shopping on the outside aisles and in the produce section of the grocery store to avoid the canned and processed foods that are typically high in fat grams and sodium.
  4. Don’t skip breakfast– The best way to start your day off and give you energy boost is to start it off with a healthy meal. Meals adhering to the http://www.choosemyplate.gov guidelines are a great place to start.
  5. Don’t get bored– If you are fortunate enough to have a lot of free time during your day then fill it with an activity, volunteer or part-time job. Mindless eating often creeps in when we find ourselves bored and with little to do. Staying active is about more than just physical exercise.
  6. Stay focused– Have a goal in mind that you would like to achieve and that does have to be pounds related. Think maybe about inches, toning, participating in a race or improving blood pressure. If you are able to stay focused and goal oriented you are less likely to get off track.
  7. Support– Having an accountability partner will help to ensure that on the days you just don’t feel motivated to move or make the best food choices that you get going anyway. This might be easier said than done but not impossible. Recognize that everyone may not be supportive even if they are your friends and family. Consider connecting with like-minded people through Facebook groups, meetups or organizations that promote healthy living.

The road to better health is not always straight and flat. It’s perfectly fine if your journey is filled with hills and valleys. The most important thing to remember is this is not a race, so enjoy the ride and have fun!

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