9 Things Learned from my 45 day run streak.

At the beginning of the year I embarked on a new adventure. I decided the middle of winter would be the perfect time to start a running streak. Never mind that I didn’t even know what that meant until someone posted a fitness challenge on Facebook.  I learned per the U.S. Running Streak Association, you must run at least one mile per calendar day and it could be indoor, outdoor, on a track, treadmill or roads.  I knew that I had just begun to train for a half marathon I was planning to run in the spring. I knew that it would ensure that I was consistent about getting my weekly runs completed. I also knew that it would assist me in maintaining an optimal level of fitness. OK, now let’s get to all the things I didn’t know but would soon learn.

  1. Did I mention this was the middle of winter? OK. While NC does have fairly mild temps and weather, the cold temps should not be underestimated.
  2. If you are going to run in winter precipitation it is probably wise to invest in a pair of shoes with added traction. They actually make shoes that make it easier to run in messy terrain.
  3. Running on ice is damn near impossible! I know because I almost fell several times while trying to log my run after a day of wintry mix. Luckily for me there was more snow than ice. You can actually gain traction in snow.
  4. Running is just as much of a mental sport as it is physical. Most of my lessons were learned on the coldest days. I really had to give myself a pep talk just to go outside.
  5. Although you may have a clear goal in mind and remain focused, others may question your sanity. Don’t assume that just because a friend is a runner that he or she will understand why you are doing this and not think you are a lunatic.
  6. I didn’t realize how emotional  running could be for me. I would find myself getting really excited about getting up to go for a run and logging it the next day. I would also experience a mood change if the weather forecast had predicted precipitation since that meant I may have to adjust my running time and location.
  7. Running will give you the courage to face your fears. I realized about mid way that I was doing something that not even some of the most athletic people I know and admire would consider doing. Many mornings I was afraid to get up and head out in the dark  and did it anyway.
  8. If you are deciding to run or take part in any new fitness endeavor be sure to have proper attire and equipment. My run ended at 45 days not because it was my intent but because I did not have all the necessary equipment to continue. I began on Jan 1 and ended on Feb. 14 after waking to completely iced roads in my neighborhood. My plan was to go to my local gym in the afternoon once the temperature rose. Unfortunately, before that could happen, I read a post on FB indicating they were closing early due to inclement weather. Sadly for me I don’t own a treadmill.
  9. I am a runner!! Others already knew I was a runner and would often refer to me as such but now I know it too!!


6 comments on “9 Things Learned from my 45 day run streak.

  1. Your run streak post is inspiring. Thank you for the tips. I am thinking about doing a summer run streak now after reading your post.

    1. Amy you should go for it. I really learned a lot about myself and just how capable I was during that 45 day streak. I would love to do a year.

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