And the streak continues!

Well, I know I was only planning to see if I could make it through one complete month of non stop running but things change. As the end of January approached I began to feel as though I was losing something I had been nurturing only to see it go prematurely. Around the same time a friend shared that she decided to embark on a run streak for the month of February. Feeling as though I may have been an inspiration for that decision I figured, well, if she going to do this for February, I may as well give it a try too. So there you have it, I am now 34 days into what started as an experiment and 30 day test of faith and will. Monday I took my running shoes indoors and completed my run on the treadmill.- 1.00mile. Tuesday I felt compel to take advantage of the weather and headed outside.- 1.23miles. Today, with rain in the forecast I thought it best to just head indoors. Today I decided to switch up my routine and head to a different gym and was looking forward to the change of scenery only to arrive and find that the internet service was down. Sadly for me this meant not having music to motivate and lift me as I tried to forget that I was running on a treadmill. I somehow was able to summons up the will and determination to make it through the run though. 2.00miles.

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