Finishing the month strong!

The last week of January started with a thaw from the winter precipitation. After running in the snow and ice the thought of getting back on the treadmill actually seemed refreshing. Monday I knew I needed to get in a few miles after my short runs in the snow so I managed to make 3 miles on the treadmill and I enjoyed it! Tuesday was fairly uneventful with me maintaining a mile run on the treadmill each day. Wednesday I kicked it back up a notch and got in another 3 miles on the treadmill, ok now I was ready to get back outside again. Thursday I was really just needed to focus on keeping my run streak alive and quickly head to the pool to work on other challenges. 1.00 mile Friday, I thought about going outside but since I knew I would be headed out on Saturday for my long run I was content with running on the treadmill and heading to the pool. 1.00 mile. Although I had been looking forward to getting back outside for a run, it seemed that Saturday arrived almost too quickly. Just as I remembered, early Saturday mornings still felt desolate and cold. For a moment I questioned if I would even go on an outdoor after my run group began to fall apart just minutes before the run. Just as I sat in the lot deciding what to do, a new friend decided to return and join in the run. Three of us decided to brave the cold but I was the sole runner for the day as the other two ladies decided it was better to walk. I knew this may be somewhat difficult to do alone and on the one day that I forgot to bring my gloves. Once I turned on my tracking app and music I was able to use the end of my shirt sleeves as makeshift mittens. After traveling the same route four times, voila it was over. 6.50 miles.

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