It was a good run!

Yes, I am talking about my run streak. Without any fanfare or mental preparation, my run streak ended the morning I woke to a sheet of ice in our neighborhood and on the roads. Even though I have managed to run in sleet, snow and rain, I am no match for a ground covered in ice. Unfortunately for me I don’t own a treadmill. I held out a glimmer of hope once I learned the temps would rise a little above freezing as the day progressed because this meant I would be able to head to my gym. Well, so much for that, my gym announced it would be closing early. After a few minutes of hanging my head low and feeling sorry for myself, I was reminded of how much I had already accomplished and learned along the way. After all, I had only set out to make it for one month. Instead I pushed through on the days I really didn’t have the mental and physical energy to run. Wait, I can still remember the days of not having the interest or ability to run once a week or let alone daily. I feel great that I not only accomplished a goal but exceeded with my run streak of 45 days. Never loose sight of your goals!

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