It’s the weekend- Days 15, 16, and 17 Run Streak

Day 17

Today rain was in the forecast starting pretty early so I had to move quickly. Today was a treat since I had a friend with me and we decided to take a brief run on a much scenic route through the downtown area. It started out just at sunrise and we kept a nice pace and conversation about football and the joys of motherhood. Along the way we remarked how please we were that we would make it before the precipitation. Just a few minutes later I felt a drop on my face. We continued and  just as we reached 3 miles I began to feel more drops but they didn’t feel or sound like the usual rain drops. I believe we were running in the mist of sleet. We stopped talking and I could feel my pace picking up as we continue to run in the direction of our vehicles.  Again we made it. 3.48 miles.

Day 16

Back outside again with my running group for a long run. It was cold and dark but I was given life by the smiling faces who decided to brave the cold with me. I knew I could run 5 miles but as I continued to run all I kept thinking is when will I hear my digital assistant check in to give my pace, split time and distance. Finally, I made 5 miles and I sigh but now I know I can make it at least 5 and half miles. Ok, I made it about 5.25 miles and my digital assistant quits. Guess I didn’t recharge it long enough. Now the only way I can make this run is to hold on to my phone and watch every step that is being tracked on my app. Ok, I decided to turn around at 5.80 and just keep running back and forth in the same area until I see the reading that I made 6.00 miles.  My legs felt like jelly but it’s done. 6.00 miles.

Day 15

Wow, I was glad for Friday morning to arrive since it meant I would only do a short run. Although I initially planned to just hop on the treadmill for a quick 1 mile run I decided to head outside. Today I even kept a nice brisk pace, quickly finished and headed straight to the gym to jump in the pool. Today the accomplishment was not the run but swimming in the lap pool unassisted. Oh, did I mention that I swam in 9ft water. I started off in the 5ft, right at the point where if you move your big toe one inch the floor of the pool appears to drop off just like a cliff. Yes, I swam from that point without touching the wall and continued down to the 9ft. Ok, back to running, today was great. 1.64 miles

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