Run Streak continued- Day 18 and 19

Day 19

Today the morning low was 16 degrees so I guess that means running outside was out of the question. Off to the gym I go!! Not real sure what’s happening this week but once again, all the treadmills are in use!! I can’t believe this. I pondered I if I should wait around for a few minutes for one to become free or go to the indoor track and run the circle for 14 laps just to make a mile. Hmmm. After giving it careful thought, looks like I will run the track. The first four laps were easy to keep track of but after that each lap seem to literally run into the other. By lap 9 I am wondering why didn’t I just wait for a treadmill. Lap ten- I only have 4 laps left to go. Lap 13- I am in the home stretch and just waiting for my digital assistance to confirm that I have indeed ran one mile. Wait, something must be wrong because I just finished lap 14 and my app is indicating that I am only at 0.83 of a mile when the sign on the wall clearly states that 14 laps equals a mile. This seems all wrong but ok, I will continue anyway, in about 2 and half more laps I hear my digital assistant and I am done. 1.04 miles.

Day 18

Mondays are usually nice and easy but yesterday was a little different. Since it was a holiday and school was out I had a gym partner. I guess we weren’t the only ones deciding to head to the gym since the parking lot was super packed. I couldn’t find a free treadmill so I decided to do my workout in reverse and started with a few weights. Finally, one free treadmill and even though I was not done with my weight training I figured I better stop everything and grab it before it was claimed. Voila, after 11 short minutes I was done with my run. 1.00 mile


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