Run Streak Day 13

Today I felt full of energy and was quite eager to get on the treadmill, believe it or not. I think I was initially planning to run one mile and head off to finish cardio on the bike before moving on to strength training. I got my handy dandy Jaybirds in and tuned in to Spotify and felt ready to go. Ten minutes into my run, I believed I could run a little longer but then a strange thing happened. (Mariah Carey, Fantasy Remix ft. ODB playing in the background keeping me moving). My music stopped streaming. Ok, this has happened before so I didn’t panic because it will come back on shortly, 2 minutes later I was still waiting. Finally, the music returned and stayed on for about 5 seconds before stopping again. In total, this start and stop music streaming went on for about another 10 minutes. On a positive note, I was now about 20 minutes into what I thought would be a 10 minute run. Ok, the music is back but now I’ve just decided to spend the entire 30 minutes on the treadmill. All and all everything worked out since I was able to get in some good cardio and increase my mileage for today. WINNING. 3.00 miles

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