Running streak, 2/3 of the month complete

Day 22

I went to bed last night with uncertainty and concern. I was reminded by every news station and forecast that a winter storm was on the horizon and had the potential to disrupt work, travel and just about any of the days plans. Immediately after waking about 6:30am I peered through the blinds and just as I feared, we were getting precipitation. I went back to bed still with the hope that I would at least be able to get in a mile run in the neighborhood as long as I bundled up. After waking to sounds of continuous pebbles hitting the window panes my hopes of an outdoor run was slowly diminishing. However, I wasn’t ready to give up and still had a little glimmer of hope which was quickly dashed by the meteorologist iterations that outside had now become a dangerous place due to ice and the lingering threat of freezing rain later in the day. I just couldn’t believe that my running streak was going to end just like this, abruptly on a random morning after mixed precipitation. I decided it was best to just lie in bed and think about everything that could’ve been accomplished but instead will end right now at this moment. The only problem with this scenario is that I have never been able to accept IMPOSSIBLE so why was I going to do it now and with little examination. The longer I lie in bed the more I began to question how to make this one mile run happen. I knew one option existed but it just seemed too crazy and the least desirable. The sleet is still coming and the streets are getting slicker and slicker. Only one thing left to do. With my digital assistant at hand I am all ready to go, the stairs and my home have now become my training camp. Yep, I became a rat in a maze as I ran for what seemed like eternity around and around and around and up and down and up and down the stairs until… 1.00 miles

Day 21

I knew today would be fairly easy and a quick day at the gym. My swim coach was absent so I decided this would be the perfect time to get in my short run and still have time to visit an old friend. No strength training today. 10 minutes on the treadmill and I was winning. 1.00miles

Day 20

This was going to be a long morning at the gym because since I really needed to run a few miles on the treadmill as well as do strength training. I was able to find a treadmill fairly quickly but my music stream just didn’t seem to cooperate. In spite of feeling as though I was somehow being punished by a digital master I seemed to be making it without hesitation through each mile. Yes, today just felt like a good day to switch from my usual hip hop to Gospel, encouragement without condemnation. Yep, just like that I was done. 3.00 miles



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