Win the food fight!

Everyfighting_food meal can feel like a war.  A war between your mind and your body as you peruse the battlefield of endless strip malls filled with fast food shops and cafes.  Health coaching is about exploring road blocks and working together as partners on your journey to a healthier you.  Often times, we know exactly what we should be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The issue is taking what we know, and applying it.  Going from just thinking to actually doing.  I can help you find the motivation to act on your knowledge and get moving.  For some, it is difficult to know where to begin your quest to becoming healthier.  Through health coaching I can help you focus on achievable life changing goals.

I know you are probably feeling stressed out and overwhelmed after being pulled in so many directions. Either you have to be to work early or stay late and sometimes both. With so much to do you grab lunch on the go from the nearest fast food chain and right back at your desk. Now you’re back at home to make something quick yet satisfying for everyone, next the laundry, sort the mail, clean, get ready for the next day and on and on. Meantime, your buttons are popping on your shirt, those favorite pants no longer fit in all the right places, your blood pressure has been on the rise, cholesterol is out of whack, you lose your breath walking from the parking lot to the front door and don’t even think about taking the stairs.  Oh and somehow you are supposed to find time to work out and eat healthy. Not enough hours in the day. How is all of this possible?

Working with me will allow you the benefit of not only having a health coach with years of professional counseling experience but personal experience as well. On the road to getting fit, I have encountered many of the same challenges and roadblocks that you are facing.I am able to deliver this service because I am uniquely qualified from the necessary professional training as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am well equipped identify  behavior patterns that such as depression, eating disorders and mood disorder that may attribute to your health concerns and possibly go unnoticed by a health coach without advanced training and experience. I will work together with you to develop a plan that will put you on a path to wellness both inside and out. Call today to schedule a free 10 minute consultation to discover how we can help .