Congratulations, you’ve made an important first step. You’re ready to make a lifestyle change and take charge of your health. Now where to begin? If only it were as simple as waving a magic wand. I’ve been exactly where you are right now. As a licensed professional counselor and someone who has overcome struggles with weight and self-esteem issues I understand all too well the intersection of mental health and physical health. I am uniquely qualified to partner with you on your road to wellness.  I have over 15 years of experience helping others to reach their goals. In addition to health coaching, other areas of treatment focus include depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress management and women issues.  If you are ready for me to join you on the next step of your journey contact me.


Working with me will allow you the benefit of not only having a health coach with years of professional counseling experience but personal experience as well. On the road to getting fit, I have encountered many of the same challenges and roadblocks that you are facing.I am able to deliver this service because I am uniquely qualified from the necessary professional training as a Licensed Professional Counselor. I am well equipped identify  behavior patterns such as depression, eating disorders and mood disorder that may attribute to your health concerns and possibly go unnoticed by a health coach without advanced training and experience. I will work together with you to develop a plan that will put you on a path to wellness both inside and out. Call today to schedule a free 10 minute consultation to discover how we can help .